> sTranGe

i bLogged aboUt being Libred by a friend for a day out and moVie righT? Last nigHt, before my shiFt sTarted, i took a doZe sa naP rooM namiN and SHIT! binangungoT akO! aLthoUgh they usuaLLy connect it to the FACT that most of the peopLe sa oFfice experienced thaT doon sa rOOm na yon, i just dont carE.

The funny thing, i dreaMt aboUt being the characTer chased in that movie we watched. I was runnIng so fasT, screamiNg and dying!

How logicaL is it for someOne to pay moNey just to get scareD, shockEd, disgusted, discturbed, and generally not feel good? I mean, movies are supposed to be entertaining, right? Entertainment is supposed to be all about fuN, feeLing good, right? And yet, so many people go for it. My cousins ate Bangge, Mama Leah, kuya edwaRd and our baby pika are reaLLy fond of watching horror fLicks. Strange it is to think that after seeing so, they wouLdn’t go to the bathroom aLone, couldn’t turn off the lighTs as they go to sLeep and couldn’t even stare on dark walls fearing that those characters would just "bulaga" them.

People behind these movies even makes a good living  of scaring the bejeezus out of people. People who buY their movIe tickets or their books for horror writers.

Tsk tsk tsk… sTrange.


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