> jokingLy MEAN

I‘m from a group of peopLe who’s never tired of joking-sLash-making Lait-sLash-taWa. Our friendshiP is a tesT of who’s maTatag and trUe. Kinder pa LAng kami, kami na, so whaT we havE is what you can reaLLy caLL "tight-legiT-boNd". We joke aroUnd aLmost everythinG: physicaL fLaws, namE caLLings, deLicate situations and your mOst nakakahiyaNg boo-bLoopers.

Even I, myselF at times is getting sensitiVe abouT it and I hatE it. I don’t know if aLready reached my saturation poinT or just whatever.

It’s somehow a wake up caLL on my part when jusT recentLy, a friend bursTed intO teaRs whiLe i’m making fun of her. Maybe she’s just stresseD or not feeLing weLL that she had a hard time ignoRing my commenTs. I ended up endlessly saying sorry na po.

ADVISE ? If the persoN can’T caLL off a comedy when you ask him to, then iT’s time to go to waR! SometiMes WE peopLe can get so insensiTive we can onLy see one side of having fun at somebodY eLse’s expense : YOURS.

Well, you don’t have to be quite and jusT bear it. You can fight back! Give US  a dose of OUR own medicine. Let’s see if WE can take it as well  as WE can dish it ouT.

I know a lot of peopLe  who thiNk they’re so smart and funny making jokes abouT other’s fLaws [guiLt can kiLL], but give them a smaLL amount of constructive criticism and they get aLL riLed up and defensiVe. Remember, aLways take the civiL way out of confLict, but if that faiLs, then iT’s time to suiT up!

ME ? I just let them know-sLash-notIce if I think it’s already off and making me feel uncomfortabLe. Afterall, we’ve survived so many years of togetherness and friendship. I know how it feeLs being on the receiving end. At times, they’re obviousLy fun bringing on jokes and I’m not. But it’s okay not to feel good, just let them know. Anyway, i reaLLy love my friends and i know them skin deep that it’s a loser’s act to cry or vice versa.

So for those who don’t reaLLy share what we have? Express yourself. As a friend who Loves you, He/She shouLd know when to stOp with the wise creeks. WE should know.


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