> B R E N T daTe

I don’t know what caMe intO me that i wantEd to try aLmost everyThing to test my LimitS. I’m noT yet dyiNg [not yeT] i know buT there’s somethiNg inside me urGing to enjoY Life to the fuLLest. Am i gettiNg oLd or just adiK?

i’M not the usuaL lets meet – eat – talk – datE kind of persoN. You’ll hardLy see me goinG out on a daTe to watcH movie or induLge in the usuaL datiNg activitieS. When i meeT someone, it’s mostLy hi-slash-tara!-slash-get it on-slash-bye!… so yoU can just imagiNe when this person obLiged me to meet-date-get to know eaCh other first-and we’LL see what’s next with hiM. I gave way anyway.

Being the chronic late comeR that I am, concocTing award winning excuses has becoMe my speciaLty [sa ganitOng meetuPs lang naMan]. "Gawd, I am so latE and dead!" These seven worDs kept runniNg through my mind as i crOssed the street towardS Greenbelt 2 to meet my "date" at Cena. I thought of saying ma-trapik kse and that something came uP that i need to attend to first. Maybe i can get away with it… or maybe noT. I decided to be honest.

FlashiNg my most endearing and apoLegetic smile plus a bit of stupid stutterings, I admitted being stockeD up watching my teleseryes [he he he] and that i’m reaLLy sorry for making him wait aLmost an houR.

Expecting that he’LL be more than pissed, I was pleasingly surprised that he was aLmost too graciOus about it. He actuaLLy called me up when I was on my way to the resto to check if I was okay [hmmm.. whaT a nice guy]. Did he put anything on that yuMmy chocolate cake he’s offeriNg me? Paranoia can be such a bad thing.

Nonchalantly checking at Brent‘s outfiT, i felT relieved. Call it superficiaL but one of my greateSt feaRs aside from a date havinG bad breatH is findiNg out he’s wearing a reaLLy weird, uLtra-formaL outfit or maybe too "pink" that totaLLy cLashes wiTh mine. At some point, mine to hiS.

After sometimE [this is onE thing I reaLLy hate], frieNds of hiM dropped by our tabLe and introductions were maDe. In that one and a half hours we spent together, we just bLabbed on and poureD out story after storY of our Lives and whaT’s going ons.

Time flew by and before we knew, it’s alreay 30 past 11. I am such a mean critiC [like i have karapatan?] sometimeS and i get turneD off easiLy wiTh siLLy stuffs, dateS are, buT i honestly can’t say anythiNg bad abouT him.

* we’re stiLl texting and pLanning to meet again… haaayyy… it must be LOVE. Ciao!

p.s.  this is one of those cooL beginnings i trieD.


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