> diD you knOw thaT… ?

I am niCe namaN?

i have this HUGE crush kay miGs sa office?

i havE this matatawag na BF nOw? jayBee? yeT si Nico andyaN pariN? si KrisanTo? may PeTer – target pa?

i just decided to cHange my favorite coLor from GREEN to RED?

i have thiS feaR for chRisTmas simpLy bacaUse of the peopLe who expecT gifTs frOm me?

i can’T give uP my hayskuL frienDs?

i feeL so guiLty abouT not beinG abLe to senD moneY sa naNay ko?

i am noT at aLL guiLty sa mga hayskuL friendssLash-kLasmeyts ko na nagki-cLaim na maY dirtY deeD na nangyaRi befoRe? saya nYa!

i haTe aLing Loreta now for hEr mukhaNg pera aTTituDe?

i miss joeDan – my MILDIN friend na nasa Dubai na?

i ha ha ha ha..


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